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  1. Pat

    I very much enjoyed your article about the movie which I have not seen yet. I wasn’t planning on seeing it in the near future but after your article I will see it in the big screen. As a caregiver taking care of my mom, I’ll appreciate a good role model with this. We all need all the help, support and guidance with this caregiving path. It’s great that the movie world has done a realistic view on this disease and all those in it’s path.

    Thanks for the write up & all your write ups!

    Pat K.

  2. Welcome to TLeC, Pat.

    I hope you find the movie as interesting as I did. You may also enjoy reading the book, Designated Daughter, by D.G. Fulford that I link to toward the end of the post. It was probably my most favorite caregiving book ever!

    All the best to you on your caregiving journey. I hope you will check back here whenever possible, and share the information with others you may know who are also caregiving.
    Linda Abbit recently posted..The Iron Lady, Dementia and Caregiving

  3. Linda, I think that the movie is in very bad taste. To take the character of such stature and portray her in her weakest moments is cruel.

    They could have fictionalised the whole thing and it would have still been as powerful particularly Meryl Streep’s histrionics.
    Rummuser recently posted..My Second Blog.

  4. Dear Rummuser,

    Thank you for your sensitive response. I understand what you’re saying. They probably would never make a movie about a U.S. President’s frailties like they did her’s!

    Another observation along those lines — When I was young, the media never exposed public figures’ personal lives or problems, and especially not their health. Now, we know way too much!

    That being said, I think the movie does depict Margaret Thatcher as a powerful and successful politician, and I feel that part of her life is equally as present in the film as the elderly part of her life. I didn’t find it cruel, I found it humanizing.

    I do appreciate your thoughtful comment. Thank you!
    Linda Abbit recently posted..The Iron Lady, Dementia and Caregiving

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