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Six Reasons to Join a Caregivers Support Group

I am a huge proponent of support groups because I’ve learned so much and received comfort by attending them during crises in my life.  For many years I was also a family caregivers support group leader for my local Alzheimer’s Association chapter, and my life was enriched by listening to the people who attended my […]

New Resources For Family Caregivers: Hear, There and Everywhere

Since November is National Family Caregivers Month, I’ve been busy collaborating on three new resources for family caregivers.  Yes, I know the famous Beatles’ song is spelled “Here, There and Everywhere,” but my spelling is correct in this circumstance. Hear — Listen to this Podcast   I was interviewed for the “Asking for a Friend […]

Seven Tips for Long-Distance Caregiving

    I was pleased to contribute to the article published on called “Yes, You Can Care for Your Aging Parents from Afar.” It’s written by Amy Conway,  a journalist and family caregiver who is currently the long-distance caregiver for her mother. The article is a mixture of tips from experts as well as […]

How Becoming a Caregiver at Age 35 Changed Her LIfe

  There is a story in People magazine about a young woman, Sarah Lewis (now Rasby),  who became a caregiver for her twin sister at age 35. Erin Lewis suffered a sudden cardiac event in 2018 and overnight Sarah became her sister’s caregiver. It’s unusual for someone to become a family caregiver at this young […]

Four Ways Family Caregivers Can Keep Holiday Stress Low

The countdown to the holidays has begun, and for many of us that means holiday stress. Walk into any grocery store or big box retailer and the Halloween, Thanksgiving and yes, even Christmas or Chanuka decorations are on display. Personally, I think the retailers are rushing things, but in terms of planning for the holidays […]

An Easy Way to Advocate for your Care Recipient

    A friend wore a button like the one pictured above daily while caring for her dad. I think it was a stroke of genius! In doing so, she sent the following messages: Wayne is not just another sick old man. He is my father and important to me. This was a pointed reminder […]

Four Steps Caregivers Can Take After You Blow Up at your Loved Ones

  We’ve all been there. At some point we’ve reached the end of our rope with our care recipients. We’ve rolled our eyes, made a face,  slammed a door, or even yelled at them. In some way, we exploded from anger or frustration. Then we feel guilty after losing our cool with our care recipients, […]

Recording Your Family Stories

A girlfriend recently remarked, “I was trying to tell my sons a story about my parents, and found I just couldn’t remember the exact details. I wasn’t sure if I was telling the story right.” I knew exactly what she meant because I’ve also had that feeling of “Am I relaying this family story accurately?” […]

A New Resource for Baby Boomers and Caregivers

Baby boomers are people born from 1946 to 1964, which includes me and probably many of you in our Tender Loving Eldercare community. According to a 2020 study by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), baby boomers make up more than a third (38.5%) of all caregivers in the United States. The study […]

When a Doctor Becomes a Family Caregiver

An opinion piece in USAToday shared the story from an adult daughter and primary care physician, Dr. Bobbie Storment, whose mother was diagnosed with Stage 3 adenocarcinoma, metastatic cancer. Overnight she became a caregiver for her mother, who was also a retired family physician. Although they were both doctors, becoming a caregiver and care recipient […]