Writing Portfolio

Articles by Linda Abbit

These articles are available to read online as part of my freelance writing portfolio. They cover a variety of topics beyond caregiving, such as healthy aging and in-depth interviews with interesting older adults. I hope you enjoy them. Contact me to discuss your writing projects.

Ten Best Cities for Older Singles

Coffee, Cake . . . And End-of-Life Issues

Don't Let Someone Steal Your Heart . . . And Your Money

The Joyful Hearts Choir: Music, Memory and Meaning

Senior House Sharing Is on the Rise

Masako Wakamiya: Not Your Typical Web Developer 

14 of the Best Quotes About Aging

Students Are Redesigning Long Life

Marna Clarke Shares Time as She Knows It

Why Friendship Changes as We Age

Julia Cameron: How to Get Creative in Later Life

A Day in the Digital Life of Joe Isaac

Summer Camps for Adults -- Yes, Older Ones, Too

Seniors Traveling Solo: Four Great Solutions

Senior Housing Alternatives: Urban Cohousing the Babayaga Way

Adoption, A Fascinating Story

Linda Abbit of Tender Loving Eldercare Interview

Got Vinyl?  Record Albums Are Making a Comeback

Fun for the Brain:  Games that Preserve Cognitive Skills   (Part 1)

Fun for the Brain:  Dances that Fight Cognitive Decline  (Part 2)

Fun for the Brain:  How Sleeping Keeps Gray Matter Sharp  (Part 3)

Fun for the Brain:  Make Art!  (Part 4)

Your Online 'Hood: Meet Your Neighbors

Do You Have an Un-Bucket List?

Too Much Old Stuff: How to Bust the Clutter

In the Flesh: Aleah Chapin's Aunties Project

Ari Seth Cohen on the Ladies in His Life

Counting Centenarians: Lynn Adler on "Celebrate 100"

"The Age of Love" Explores Senior Speed Dating

Visible: 60 Women at 60

Days of Future Past

The Sun City Poms (Not Your Typical Cheerleaders)

Tiny Houses: The Next Big Thing for Seniors

On the Intensity of Older Athletes

Vote: The "Aging with Attitude" Film Awards  (contributor)

Makeup for Older Women: The Best Video Tutorials

Playgrounds for Seniors Coming Your Way

The Mythical World of Eyes as Big as Plates