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Should You Read My Book? Ask Amy!

I was delighted and honored on June 28th, 2023, when Amy Dickinson, nationally-syndicated advice columnist, recommended my book, The Conscious Caregiver, to her readers in her “Ask Amy” column! A family caregiver wrote in because she was at the end of her rope with her mother and “her stress level is through the roof.” We’ve […]

Six Tips for When Care Recipients Say Mean Things

    A reader recently sent me this question: “My elderly mother-in-law has gotten mean in the last few years. She’ll say mean things to people — mostly family members, but also others sometimes. I don’t think she even realizes how hurtful she’s being. Does this happen to elderly people often?” In my experience, not […]

5 Steps to Help Older Adults Beat the Summer Heat

Summer begins next week in the U.S., and many areas are already experiencing heat waves. According to the American Red Cross, excessive heat has caused more deaths than all other weather events in recent years. Older Adults are More Vulnerable Older adults are more vulnerable to dehydration, heat exhaustion and heat stroke.  Please check on […]

Geraldine Watson Parachutes for the First Time at Age 85

My friend, Bob Watson, mentioned in passing that his 85-year-old mother made a tandem parachute jump for the first time in her life.  I was fascinated and inspired by this brave act because, based on what I’ve observed, as people age they often become more cautious in their actions.   Geraldine Watson is a great […]

How to Reduce Placement Guilt While Caregiving

Placement Guilt When Moving a Loved One to a Care Facility   A support group member asked, “How do I get over the guilt?” A few months prior she had moved her husband to a board and care facility because she could no longer care for him by herself at home. Intellectually she knew it […]

The Iron Lady, Dementia and Caregiving

I watched this movie expecting to learn more about British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s life story, with the emphasis on her place in British history and politics.  I knew she must have been a unique person to have achieved the position of Britain’s only female Prime Minister to date.  What I didn’t know I would […]

How to Find an Assisted Living Community — Part 3

This is the third article in a four-part series about how to find an assisted living community for 82-year-old Sally.  Please click here for Part 1 with some background info. And click here for Part 2 about our visit to Assisted Living Community “A.”   Her story continues below . . . . Sally and I […]

How to Find an Assisted Living Community — Part 2

This is the second part in a four-part series on how to find an assisted living community for an elderly parent.  Please click here for Part 1 with background about finding an Assisted Living residence for Sally. Meeting Sally On a Saturday morning I met Sally at her friend’s home, where she was living temporarily, […]

How to Find an Assisted Living Community — Part 1

One caregiving question I’m asked often is, “How do I find the best assisted living facility for my aging parents?” Recently I received a request to help Sally, an 82-year-young woman, with no family living nearby, find an assisted living facility to move into. Her family living cross-country asked me to be their “eyes and […]

How to Find an Assisted Living Community — Part 4

In this final part in our series on how to find an assisted living community, we share how we found the best senior residence facility for 82-year-old Sally to live in. Part 1 is the back story, and Part 2 and Part 3 tell about our visits to the Assisted Living communities under consideration.  Below is […]