The Conscious Caregiver Stands Out as a Helpful Guide

Author Linda Abbit is the Community Outreach Manager for the Mind and Memory Program at the St. Joseph hospital north of me in Mission Viejo. Her book, The Conscious Caregiver, stands out as a very helpful DIY (Do It Yourself) guide for those who may not have had any prior exposure to meditation or other mindfulness teachings.

You’ll like her vignettes that give some very practical ways to implement the suggestions. We all aspire to being mindful but what do you do when you catch yourself being anything BUT mindful? She actually has a subheader entitled “If You’ve Exploded at a Loved One.”

Other bits I appreciated in her book:

  • role confusion (it’s not simply role reversal, and you knew that, but how many authors acknowledge it?)
  • mindfulness here is explicitly stated in the caregiving in dementia context
  • the R-word (RESENTMENT) is acknowledged and allowed here
  • a section on Accepting Help. Not just saying it’s important but giving you ways to accept help
  • Happiness L.I.S.T. for activating Self Care

She recommends recording your conversations because there may come a time that you actually miss the story that’s being repeated endlessly now…but I think maybe you’ll be surprised to hear your own tone. Could allow for a quick reality check on whether you sound the way you want to be heard?

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