Remarkably Comprehensive Recommendations for Caregivers

It is estimated that roughly 40 million Americans spend a significant amount of time caring for an ailing or disabled loved one. It is to that largely invisible army that The Conscious Caregiver (Adams Media) is addressed.

Author Linda Abbit, who blogs about eldercare and has walked that walk herself, defines conscious caregiving as allotting “time, energy, and compassion to themselves as well as their care recipients.” Her recommendations are remarkably comprehensive, covering everything from communicating with other family members to effectively advocating for a loved one (and for oneself) to handling the transition to assisted living. Her case studies and exercises give her advice a real-world edge.

Caring for others can be both stressful and joyful. The Conscious Caregiver may help these dedicated helpers keep the stress levels down enough to actually enjoy time spent with the loved ones who need them so much.

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