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New Resources For Family Caregivers: Hear, There and Everywhere

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Since November is National Family Caregivers Month, I’ve been busy collaborating on three new resources for family caregivers.  Yes, I know the famous Beatles’ song is spelled “Here, There and Everywhere,” but my spelling is correct in this circumstance.

Hear — Listen to this Podcast


I was interviewed for the “Asking for a Friend Podcast” by Michele Falon, its creator. She asks some deep questions I’m not normally asked on podcasts. 

Our wide-ranging conversation includes:

  • Techniques for mindful communication with the person in your care and your caregiving team
  • What to do if siblings are not willing to help out
  • Tips for doctor appointments
  • How to keep daily self-care top of mind
  • When to consider in-home care or assisted living
  • What to do when the whole family is not on-board with decisions
  • The dreaded end-of-life conversation
  • The grieving process for the caregiver

Click here to listen to our 30-minute episode.


There — Read this Article about Long-distance Caregiving


I contributed to an article for about caregiving long-distance called “Yes, You Can Care for Your Aging Parents from Afar.” The author, Amy Conway, calls it “a guide to keeping them safe while you hold on to your sanity,” and she’s correct, it’s possible! Along with sharing her own caregiving story, Conway asked me and two other caregivers to share our experiences, ideas and tips to make long-distance caregiving easier for everyone involved. 

Click here to read the article.


And Everywhere — Caring for Aging Parents Summit 


Stacey Rothfarb, a family caregiver in Florida, interviewed me on Zoom for her “Caring for an Aging Parent Summit,” that will go live online December 3rd, 2023 and be available 24/7 until December 10th. The event’s goal is to share “secrets to successfully creating a remarkable and quality life beyond caregiving.” Rothfarb asks me about self-care tips and other important questions family caregivers have. The four other experts speak with her about topics such as coping with the anxiety of caregiving, designing a fulfilling life while caregiving, and navigating end-of-life challenges. There are also free digital giveaways donated by each speaker available when you register.

I hope you’ll enjoy watching it.

Click here to register for the Summit. 

Once registered, you will receive an email notification about how to access the Summit from December 3 – 10, 2023.

And about that Beatles’ song . . .  caregivers carry their responsibilities Here, There and Everywhere. Hopefully these three new resources will help you on your caregiving journey, whether you’re a new or veteran caregiver. 

Linda Abbit, Author of the Conscious Caregiver

About Linda Abbit

Linda Abbit is a caregiving expert, author, and a frequent in-person and virtual keynote speaker and workshop presenter. As a family caregiver with more than twenty-five years of hands-on experience, Linda has faced many caregiving challenges and a wide variety of situations while caring for her parents and other family members.

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