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  1. You know Linda, that is so true about your “Golden Oldies” … being surrounded by those they love.

    As I was reading this it made me realize how what you’ve written is not only true for the elderly, but for any relative who undergoes surgery. If someone can be there with them, listening to the instructions, etc (or even taking notes), it makes any hospital to home transition much easier. The person that is being discharged has their mind on going home and may not hear a word that’s being said.

  2. This is a great resource.

    “And remember, being home and surrounded by familiar people and things is great medicine for our Golden Oldies!” – very true!

  3. @ Barbara – Thanks for the important insight for us! I agree, we all need extra help and TLC when coming home from a hospital stay.

    @ Vered – Welcome to the TLeC community! And a special thanks for taking the time to visit and comment. I know how you’re rationing your work time these days! 😉

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