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  1. I work on blog for a nationwide network of caregivers and we see this issue often. Whether it be the close quarters or the difficulties of dementia most caregiving situations go through tough times. Another thing that we recommend is taking a little time away from being the primary caregiver. Hire a certified caregiver to help out for a while or maybe just once a week and give yourself and your elderly parent some time apart. Think of this as a way of extending the “cooling off” periond. This can be a healthy change for many relationships. If you are interested in learning more, click on my name to reach our caregiver blog.

  2. I was going to write the same thing that Bill wrote. This is such an important issue that many of our families do not have the tools to address. You have given some excellent points. It is information like this that should be more readily accessible to those of us with aging parents. Like Bill said, it can be useful at times to hire a Care Manager to relieve the children of some of their duties. I have seen that this makes for a much better relationship between parents and care giver child.

  3. Dear Bill and Jessica,

    Welcome to TLeC and thank you for adding to this discussion! Both hiring a paid caregiver for respite time and/or utilizing a care manager’s services are other excellent options for family caregivers to consider to alleviate their stress and improve family relationships.

  4. Ron

    Having a break may be the best solution of all for a caregiver. Caregiving requires a lot of stress, and respite care services will allow the caregiving to take a break from their duties. There are in-home specialists who are certified and trained to help your senior loved one. In-home services such as In-home Nursing and In-home caregiving can be quite helpful. To learn more about these care types as well as where you can find an In-home Caregiver in your area, click on my name above.

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