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  1. Linda, not quite the same scenario, but a comparable one nevertheless. I have to go in for surgery to revise a replaced hip joint shortly. My sister and/or her children being unable to come over and stand in for me, suggested that my father be shifted to my sister’s place about a 1000 Kms away from here. My father simply refuses to listen to any logic and insists that he will stay put and go through whatever difficulties that he will have to put up with, because, I quote him, “I can’t go somewhere else when you will be operated on and while recover.” He cannot understand that for me, that is more of a problem to manage! The answer to that question therefore is okay, let us leave them in their comfort zones and be prepared to put up with whatever happens when and if it happens.

  2. Dear Rummuser,

    I am so sorry you have to have hip replacement surgery! My father fell and broke his hip when 95 years old, had emergency surgery to replace it and made a full recovery, so I’m sure you will, too!

    I wish your father could see the situation from your perspective — that by not going to your sister’s home, it will increase your stress level while recovering. Did you try the tactic of asking him to “do it for you?” (I presume you did, but thought I’d ask just in case.)

    The other possible solution I see is that once he sees you post-surgery in the hospital, he may then suddenly realize you won’t be able to care for him for some time as well as you normally do, and then maybe he’ll decide it would be smarter for all involved to spend at least some time at your sister’s home. I do hope your son will be there to help you during this healing time.

    I wish you a speedy recovery! Let us know how it turns out please!

  3. The problem has now been solved by the decision of one of my brothers and his wife to come and take charge while I am in hospital and in recovery later. Thank you for your good wishes.

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