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  1. Hi Linda,

    This is a great idea. The more bells and whistles a gadget has only confuses elders more. If they become too intimidated, they won’t even try using them.

    The Jitterbug sounds like a fabulous product.

  2. You’re so right, Barbara!

    A few years ago, I tried to find a simple AM/FM radio for my Dad to listen to in his bedroom. No go — couldn’t find anything he could easily operate. Had to settle for a clock radio (taped off some of the buttons to lessen the confusion) and very exact instructions written next to it, but I still think he rarely used it. Technology is certainly making life more complicated for seniors.

  3. Sigh….I had a Jitterbug phone for a few years and hardly ever used it. And the one time I really needed it (at Logan airport) I couldn’t get through.

    They did give me extra minutes but then started charging by the month so I called to stop service.

    But now I have this perfectly good phone which they don’t want back. Is it just trash?

    I think that, for very infrequent users, the minute cards are a better bet.

  4. Joseph M

    Jitterbug may be a good phone, but if you buy a second hand phone activating it with a new number is a pain in the butt. They make use send in the phone for “recalibration” and this process takes about 10 days. There customer service is slow to respond and time consuming.
    They actually want to sell a new phone to every user for $150.00 A phone that is comparable to the free phones other services give away. Worth about $15.
    In my case I purchase a phone from someone who’s mother passed away and I was going to give it to my mother. Called Jitterbug to activate it and after an hour of being put on hold and answering all kinds of questions about where I got the phone and my personal information, I’m told it has to be sent in.
    To make matters worse, their office is only blocks away from me but they insisted that I mail it to them. The post office is farther from my home than the Jitterbug office! So I have to waste more time and money on postage and a post office visit.
    Jitterbug is a scam in my opinion.

  5. Bo

    I am so glad I found this site as I was looking into the Jitterbug phone for my blind dad but I think I will keep looking as I also thought the phone was very expensive for what it offered.

  6. nildib

    I WAS SOOOOO disappointed when getting not just ONE but TWO jitterbugs for my elderly parents! I think the phone has a GREAT idea for the elderly but assumed that SPEED dial was normal to have in ANY phone… wroooong, they don’t have this feature and my parents are costumed to SPEED dial! So again, fell into the trap of “you know what ASSUME means”… =(

  7. nildib

    We also thought the jitterbug would be a GREAT phone to change into, just for the free mobile to mobile service! So my husband ran with excitement with it, went online and craigslist buying 3 PHONES! While I was still making heads and tails of it, on the first one he bought… We have 2 elderly parents, who are use to, just pressing a # for speed dial, to reach us, this jitterbug is NOT set up to program speed dial, at least to my knowledge. If anyone knows how to do that, please POST instructions maybe I’m overlooking something? I’m now stuck with 3 phones and looking into other services. Geeeeez, you’d THINK, this feature would be a DOMINANT feature to have in ALL PHONES, that’s what we just assumed and out of the question for elderly… but you know what they say about “assuming”? A lesson well learned, to do your homework first, on these phones before buying! 😉

  8. Dianne

    There is speed dial on the jitterbug we’ve bought. The speed dial number automatically assigned by phone as it corresponds to the phone’s built in “phone book”. For example Dianne is the first phone number listed in this phone’s phone book so the speed dial is a 1 and then yes to call. I know it works because I gave it a try. Hope this helps!

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