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  1. Glad things worked out! I could blog on cats, I like the critters so much, and I’m glad you chose the softer touch in checking this out.

  2. That is great it is all working out!

  3. I’m glad this is working out. I agree that the cat could be a great addition not just to P but to the other residents as well.

  4. @ SpaceAgeSage — I am glad I took the “kinder and gentler” approach, too. Cats are fascinating animals.

    @ Lance — Thanks, Lance! I’m pleased as punch. 🙂

    @ Vered — I’m hoping as P becomes more comfortable in her new home (transitions take time), that maybe she’ll “share” Sophie with the rest of the ladies.

    Thank you all for visiting!

  5. Hi Linda,

    I’ve only heard positive things about cats and assisted living facilities. But it is good to list the possibly negative points also.

    I wanted to update you to on the hospice stuff! I have two more training periods and then I’ll be good to go. And one more TB shot. Yuck. But apparently TB is on the rise again.

    At this hospice I’m volunteering for, they have a program where you record a person’s story onto a cd for other family members. I think I’d like to get involved in this aspect. Also mayber bereavement. I’d like to make someone feel better if they are feeling lonely and hopeless.

    If your son takes an antihistamine before visitation it might make him more comfortable.

    I have this weird itchy leg problem when I get out of the shower now in ragweed season and I take lotadine to alleviate the problem.

  6. @ Ellen — Thanks for the reminder on the antihistimine. It helps for a little while, but then he usually gets an allergy attack anyway. I have until Thanksgiving to figure it out.

    I’m excited about your hospice CD project! I plan on writing a post on that very topic (preserving memories). I only wish I had done it!!! Thanks for the hospice training update. Sorry about the TB shots — I had to get them too when I volunteered in a hospital years ago. I hate needles!!

  7. Hi Linda,

    Thanks for the update. I’m happy to hear the cat isn’t a problem. I’m sure “P” is happy about that, too, as I’m sure it brings her a lot of comfort.

    I also noticed Ellen provided an update. How exciting is that? The CD project sounds fascinating and something she would be great at. Go Ellen!

  8. Hi Barbara,

    Yes, I’m excited about Ellen’s project and asked her to keep me posted on her progress. Isn’t it nice to know we encouraged it in some small way?! Another unexpected bonus from blogging!

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