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  1. Hi Linda,

    The medical alert system appears to be a great aid for the elderly. It sounds like it’s easy to use and could often be a life saver.

  2. AnneF

    My Mom recently fell in the shower and fractured her hip. She lives alone. It took over an hour for her to drag herself from the bathroom into her bedroom to the phone to call me. It was a horrifying experience for her, and it scared me to death. The first thing that we did, when she was released from rehab, is to sign up for a medical alert service. It gives both of us peace of mind. Medication is also a huge concern.

    Forgetting to take meds – taking the wrong meds – taking too much – all are huge safety issues. We fount this amazing wristwatch that has 12 medication alarms, a database which stores all her personal info (DOB, doctor’s name, blood type, etc..), all her medication, her insurance information, and more. Now she can retain her independence, but ensure that her medication is under control.

  3. Great info, Linda. Sigh. I can’t say that I am looking forward to my parents aging. (They are only 62 and 61 now). It must be hard.

  4. Hi Linda
    I would really like to jump in here and talk about my parents… except I have decided it would not be wise to talk about them on the internet.
    I’ll just say that the personal alarm thing is a great development, and that I could tell you all about Alzheimers!

    Nuf said – Robin

  5. @ Barbara – These systems were an excellent invention, weren’t they?

    @ AnneF – Welcome to the TLeC Community! And thank you for telling us about that wonderful medication wristwatch! I read all about it and it sounds like a wonderful compliment to a medical alert system. I’ve bookmarked it for future reference as well. Thanks so much, AnneF! Hope you visit us again.

    @ Vered — I know exactly what you mean, Vered. We often are not prepared, intellectually or emotionally, for things in life that are the most meaningful. Along with caring for aging parents, how about learning to be a good spouse and/or parent?! Not everyone takes psychology classes in school before marrying and having a family. I’m hoping my blog can help prepare families for the caregiving journey they have before them.

    @ Robin – Welcome to the TLeC community! I totally respect your decision not to share personal information about your parents, but I would welcome any opinions and general insights you have gained from your life experiences. I will stop by your blog soon, too!

  6. cyriac Mathew

    For the aged in particular, constant medical monitoring is a must as emergencies occur at any time. A medical alert button would be the best option then. My neighbor recently bought Alarm Care, a personal emergency button http://www.myalarmcare.com from AlarmForce. She just needs to press the emergency button and Alarm Force would rush in with medical aid. It is affordable, user -friendly and offers her security and independence.

  7. Mathew,

    Welcome to the TLeC community. Thanks for telling us about this other medical alert company. I will visit the site and check out Alarm Care for future reference.

  8. I to would like to share with you a Personal Emergency Response System, that my Parents bought a few months ago called medical alarm . I recommend them because as I was shopping around for PERS providers Medical Alert-Medical Alarm took the time and care to answer all my concerns.
    A Reformed Skeptic,
    Chuck D.

  9. Thanks for adding to the resource list, Chuck. Yes, excellent customer service is a “must have” when I’m making buying decisions too.

    I wish you and your parents well.

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