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  1. Hi Linda,

    These are all great tips. Often neighbors are the best to make friends with. Although many say they have nosy neighbors, they could save the life of our Golden Oldies.

  2. These are really important. My grandma died at home, from an acute asthma attack. It took a while for the grownups (I was a child) to realize that something was wrong. They still beat themselves up over whether they could have saved her if they were more alert. She was not even old: she was in fact still young. She was only 58.

  3. @ Barbara – Yes, our parents don’t *have* to socialize with their neighbors, but it makes sense to be “neighborly”. It’s nice if the adult children get to know the neighbors well enough that the neighbors recognize the chldren & vice versa.

    @ Vered — I’m sorry about your Grandma dying so young! It’s hard for us all not to feel guilty when someone close to us dies, thinking we could have done more. I try to keep in mind that expression about not “should-ing” all over oneself when I hear that brain chatter beginning in my head.

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