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  1. Linda, what a wonderful tribute to your Aunt and Uncle. You write so well, that it was worth the wait.

    Funny, how things work out in life.

    Your post took me back to my uncle, my father’s younger brother, who in many ways was more of a father to me than my father was, when I was at a young and impressionable age. His wife was another wonderful person, and the photograph that you have posted here somehow reminds me of both of them. They were living in a farmhouse and one night dacoits broke in and trussed up my aunt and murdered my uncle. My aunt never recovered from the trauma and died of a broken heart after just a couple of years.

    If I just send a link to this post to my two cousins, one in the USA and one in Australia, I have no doubts that both will break down and weep just as I did with the memory of these two wonderful people who meant a great deal to me and many of my family.

  2. Linda,

    Thank you for sharing this delightful tribute to your dear Aunt Rose and Uncle Arthur.

    After your wonderful description and photo above, I could just picture them dancing at your wedding.

    Your post touched my heart and reminds me of the profound effect our family and friends have on our lives and hearts.

    Happy 25th Anniversary tomorrow. Do you have any special plans?

  3. Diane


    After reading this wonderful tribute to your dear Aunt Rose and Uncle Arthur. I feel honored to have been in your wedding party and danced on the same dance floor they did.

    I can hardly believe it’s been 25 years!! Your wedding day was fabulous and I will never forget how wonderful the flowers smelled and how beautiful it all was!!

    Congratulations! My best to you and Jeff, always!

    Love you lots, Diane

  4. Dear rummuser,

    I am weeping with you over the tragedy that befell your family! My deepest sympathy to you and yours for your loss. Whether it happens recently or long ago, the ache remains in our hearts for those we hold dear. I am with you in spirit, my friend.

    Dear Mary,

    Thank you. We went to see a Broadway musical “Avenue Q” to celebrate our special anniversary. It was raunchy (we’d been warned), very creative, and we loved it! A friend gave us the CD as a gift so we will be able to continue to enjoy the great music and lyrics.

    Dear Diane,

    I, too, am so happy you were my Maid of Honor and that our friendship is as strong now as it was then. Thanks for writing those sweet words! XOXO

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