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  1. I am sorry that due to preoccupation with some other pressing matters, I had not seen this blog post earlier. I shall catch up shortly from the archives.

  2. Linda, will it be possible to get a transcript?

  3. Hi rummuser,

    The show is now available for your listening pleasure at the links given above. I’ll check on a transcript, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. The archived show will be up “forever,” so you should be able to listen easily, and it’s only 30 minutes long. Hope you enjoy the discussion.

  4. I followed your advise and did not hold my breath. I indulged myself with the treat of listening to your interview.

    Your voice is a perfect match to your face. It is just as I imagined it would be.

    My compliments to your husband. What a man he must be to have written that letter and more endearingly, to say that he looked forward to aging without any fear as he was sure that you would give him care.

    You and I have another thing in common. I too am zero on computer technology. I am totally dependent on my son. I simply write and know the basics of blogging and commenting on other blogs. Anything else, and I holler for him.

    I sing to my wife too! I used to sing to her and her whole family when we were courting. Now that we have enough time together, whenever the mood takes me, I simply belt a few songs for her sole listening pleasure. Once in a way I take off on “walking my baby back home” much to the amusement of our park friends!

    When you started to cry Linda, believe me, so did I with a burst of deep affection for you and what you were going through at that particular moment. I believe that it was a good thing for you to have cried at that precise moment.

    I like your advise about not feeling guilty.

    I also much appreciated your take on what you have learnt – planning by asking what if questions and I also liked Denise’s brain storm for answers.

    I am not a twitterer, so, unlikely that I shall follow you around.

    Another commom factor. Our son too did his post graduation in Journalism and Mass Communications after his Bachelor’s degree in English literature. He started off as a writer and along the way got involved in multi media and then became a techie on that particular area.

    Yes, I enjoyed listening to the interview. I think that you handled yourself very well and I compliment you for that.

    Cheers Linda. Have a great weekend.

  5. Dear rummuser,

    Thank you for writing such a detailed response to my interview. I was blushing and teary-eyed as I read it.

    I wish my son was as skilled as yours is on the computer. Mine uses a Mac and I’m on a PC, so that’s a huge difference — plus while he loves to use his computer, he’s not tech-savvy (as yet). I wish your son was close by so I could easily ask him my zillions of questions that come up! 🙂 Wow — he was a writer too. It’s a skill that can be used in so many arenas.

    I know and love the song “Walking my Baby Back Home.” I am actually a huge fan of 40’s music — swing and big band. Broadway musicals, too. I’m glad you sing to your wife, and are not inhibited to sing in public! Good for you!!

    I was surprised that my emotions got the better of me and I cried during the interview. I never expected that to happen! Denise was like Barbara Walters, who often gets her subjects crying on TV (in a good way)!

    Thanks again for your kind words, and I hope you are enjoying the weekend. I’ll be over to visit your blog soon!

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