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  1. What a truly magnificent story. Please pass on my compliments to Lori. Her story has been truly inspiring.

  2. Hi rummuser,
    I appreciate your kind words, especially since they come from another caregiver.

    Linda did a great job with the interview, and I say KUDOS to her for helping caregivers!

  3. “I just know my husband and I are far better people for being caregivers.” Of course you are.

  4. Hi Lori and Linda. What struck me after reading this interview was that by being so personally involved in care giving, you have both become even more “conscious” than people who may be wrapped up in their own lives. Interesting. Our parents still have things to teach us even when we become their caregivers.

  5. Hi Vered,
    Thank you, but it certainly is not a given, nor an easy thing. I sometimes think this was meant to be for my husband and I instead of becoming parents.

    Hi Davina,
    Exactly! I wish our society could recognize this. Much is lost for a family when aging, illness, or death is thrust aside into the hands of strangers.

  6. Dear Rummuser,

    Lori inspired me as well. What a wonderful family they are!

    Dear Lori,

    Your story is what made this so interesting and inspiring. It’s funny you write about being caregivers instead of parents; I’ve often said to my husband, that is why we only had one child. I had two parents to parent as well.

    Dear Vered,

    I agree with both your statement (seems obvious) and Lori’s reply to you. Caring for aging parents is not a given, unfortunately, and some turn their backs on their parents. Also, adult children don’t always realize what benefits they will reap — they focus on the negatives and burdens rather than the joy that comes with the responsibility.

    Dear Davina,

    Your comment is insightful. As Lori says, I wish all of society could understand this, and my hope is that in the future people will. “Golden Oldies” are one of our natural resources.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

  7. Hi Linda and Lori – At first I didn’t realize this was Lori of Space Age Sage.

    I went back and read part 1. What’s shared here is so insightful. It’s honest words from a caregiver who knows first hand how difficult it can be, but knows the rewards often outweigh the trials.

    I like how Lori equated the care giving process to that which we go through when we grieve. When our elderly loved ones become someone we no longer recognize, it is a loss. Like Lori wrote, it can be difficult, but by acquiring the right mindset and using self care techniques, the caregiver can learn to reap the rewards.

    This is a beautiful and eyeopening interview. Thank you Linda and Lori.

  8. Dear Barbara Swafford,

    Thank you for the compliments. I agree that Lori touched many hearts and minds with her thoughtful answers.

    Yes, we grieve when our parents get dementia. It took me quite awhile to understand this, but it’s a huge loss even before they pass away because we can’t share family memories, or even day-to-day happenings like before. It is an extremely painful loss for the entire family, not just the patient who gets dementia.

  9. What a great interview of Lori. I had to go back and read Part 1, since I missed it previously. Lori is definitely an inspiration! It’s obvious to see how kind, compassionate and loving she is as a caregiver and person!

  10. Hi Barbara,
    Thank you for such a thoughtful response. I’ve been away for a family get-together to celebrate Thanksgiving and my mom’s 80th. Some family who hadn’t seen my mom in a while certainly had their eyes opened!

    Hi Evelyn,
    Thank you for your kind feedback on the interview. I’m honored you and Barbara went back to read part 1 as well. As Linda knows all too well, my story will be just one of many as the baby boomers fill the ranks of seniorhood very soon.

  11. Dear Evelyn,

    This world would definitely benefit if more people were like Lori. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment here.

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