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  1. Hi Linda. Going Global! Isn’t the Internet great! I’m north of you in not so sunny Vancouver, BC πŸ™‚ November and December are the worst months here in that respect, but they fly by with the holiday season so I know the sunshine is not far away. And, it peaks out now and then anyway.

  2. Hi Davina,

    I would love to visit Vancouver some day. I’ve been as far north as Seattle so far. My husband is Canadian, too — born in Halifax! Can you believe we haven’t been to Canada on a family trip yet???

  3. Another not-so-sunny – or warm – place Linda – Wisconsin (it was 4 degrees (F) this morning)!

    I love your example of concentric circles – what a good way to look at how the community circle around you spreads! Being here, I feel like I’m a part of that circle – even though I might be out a ways in the ring of circles – I do feel like I’m a part of your “village” as I read your words, and hear your story. And it feels “right”.

  4. I’m in California too. πŸ™‚

  5. Hi Lance,

    Yes, you are definitely part of my village. It’s cold here too — anything below 70 and I freeze! πŸ˜‰

    Hi Vered — MomGrind,

    Yippee — another California girl!

  6. Linda, I live in Pune a city 180 Kms East of Mumbai. The climate throughout the year is temperate. I would not live anywhere else in the world.

    You bet the village exists. I can relate to your own take on this.

    As I write this, my 91 year old father, is flying out from where he was living with my step mother for the past many years. After she died, I had suggested that he moves in with us and he has agreed. I have just finished the rearranging of the home to accommodate him too. In a little while, I shall be leaving for the airport to receive him and bring him home. My wife, my son and all my friends are excited about his joining our little community. The village?

  7. Randy

    Hi Linda,

    This is such a great website! I’ll be “tuning in” often as I am the closest family to my 87 year-old mother. She’s doing pretty good (especially for 87!) but, I want to be prepared and learn more about this!

    Thank you!
    – Randy

  8. Hi Rummuser,

    You live in an exotic part of the world, in my eyes. I hope to visit there some day. And I am so sorry about the terrorism that has rocked your world recently.

    I wish your father many years of health and joy living with you and your family. Yes, it sounds like you have a nice village waiting to greet him and make him feel at home! I hope the transition is any easy one. My parents came to live in our town at about the same age that your Dad is now. Those were the “bonus years” in my mind. Enjoy!

  9. Hi Randy,

    Welcome to the TleC community! Thanks for the kind words. I hope to be of help to you, should you need it. I’m happy your mom is going strong! Being aware and starting to think about the future are the first steps in caring for our parents — well done! πŸ™‚

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