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  1. They are all inspiring. Except for Reeve, who deserves our full appreciation, the rest are mere cheer leaders. The players know what it is like to face the obstacles and the grind. Their inspiration has to come from within.
    Rummuser recently posted..Synchronicity- The Ring- The Ring Bearer And The Betrothal

  2. Dear Rummuser,

    Thank you for your perspective — as usual, it is thoughtful and interesting! I will head over to your blog to catch up on what you’ve been writing recently. I truly appreciate your visits here.
    Linda Abbit recently posted..Inspiring Quotes for Caregivers- Don’t Be Discouraged — 5-25-11

  3. Thanks for these quotes – they can be applied to many of life’s ‘mountains’ including caring.
    Something to bear in my mind when the going gets tough, whether it is the rejection of another manuscript or something more significant like a family crisis.

  4. Thanks, Sally. I agree, and appreciate your adding to the discussion!

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