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  1. Lori

    Gene Kelly was one of a kind, wasn’t he? Thanks for the trip down memory lane. My mom introduced me to all kinds of musicals like this. Fun stuff.

  2. Hi Linda – How are you?

    The quote you shared, plus the video remind me of when I moved to California years ago and the sun was shining every day for I can’t remember how long. It actually began to get boring. The first time it rained, I HAD to get outside and go for a walk. I still remember that day as if it were yesterday.

    Thank you for resurrecting a wonderful memory and letting me share.

    I pray all is good in your world.

  3. Hi Lori,

    I’m a huge fan of him and Fred Astaire! Sometimes I think I should have been born in the Big Band era.

    Hi Barbara Swafford,

    So nice of you to stop by and check on me. I’m hanging in through the ups and downs of life.

    Thank you for sharing your great “walking in the rain” story. One of my favorite memories is taking a walk with my husband and my Dad in FL and the three of us getting soaked from a cloudburst that caught us unprepared. It was marvelous!!!

    Hope all is well with you & your family, too.

  4. Exactly the same. Some fellowship of kindred souls helps too.

  5. Hi rummuser,

    And that fellowship can be on line or off line. I’m happy to see you back here, Ramana. Hugs to my friend so far away! Take care.

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