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  1. That was AWESOME!

    I recently cleared time and money to exercise with a trainer because I want to get back into top shape since I turn 50 very soon. The video makes me feel like a youngin’

  2. Dear Lori,

    I’m glad you enjoyed the video! Good for you for signing up with a trainer, but as your are into martial arts I presumed you are already in excellent physical shape!! 🙂 Happy Almost-50!! The fifties are a great age to be.

  3. Linda, I wish that I could dance my blues away. My bust hips would not permit such an indulgence. I tend to crossword puzzles, reading and the occasional good cry.

  4. Dear Rummuser,

    Along with my dancing, I also do the same as you! Nothing like getting lost in a good book or challenged by an interesting crossword puzzle. I’m also a pro at crying — even when I’m happy. 🙂

  5. Ann

    Wow!!! I used to be able to dance, but my spine won’t let me anymore. It is so wonderful that “young” lady can dance and so well. I lose myself in a good book or movie to get rid of my stress from caregiving.

  6. Linda Abbit

    Dear Ann,

    Welcome to TLeC! I enjoy reading and watching movies as a way to “get away from it all,” too. Thanks for sharing with us here.

  7. Melissa Shaw

    What fun to think you can be that active even when you’re “old!” I’d like to keep my eyes, brain, spine and car keys! I’m trying to take good care of myself. It looks like I’ll have to try harder.

  8. Hi Melissa,

    I agree — as we get older it is harder to care for oneself. Ahhh, to be young & carefree again! I plan on being active when I’m “old” and it sounds like you are planning that as well. Thanks for sharing!

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