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  1. This sounds like a very important – and easy – thing to do to make sure older people are safe.

    It makes me sad that everyone cares so much about children, but not so much about elderly people.

  2. Pretty grim statistic!
    My mom is not wandering yet (and hopefully won’t), but her directions do get mixed up, so I know she could become disoriented if she decided to take a long walk out of view of the house.

  3. You’re sharing an important message Linda. It’s easy enough to become disoriented when everything is working fine (I’ve been lost before…) – even more so when some functions have declined. I remember growing up, my Grandmother had Alzheimer’s, and lived with us for a year or so during the early stages – while I was in high school. One minute they can remember everything, and the next it’s all forgotten – definitely easy for them to become “lost” if they somehow wander off.

  4. Hi Vered,

    Yes, I agree that our society has a bias against older people to some degree. And since we already have the Amber alert system in place, this is an easy add-on in my opinion.

    Hi Lori,

    I hope you’ll consider getting your Mom (and yourself) a MedicAlert bracelet or pendant before she does get lost. There is a link in my sidebar under Eldercare Resources with complete information about it (not an affiliate link). The time to do this is before anything happens. Not every dementia patient wanders, but it is better to be safe than sorry (sorry about the cliche, but it’s true). You can wrap up the bracelet and present it as a gift for her. Being her caregiver is the best gift in the world and a MedicAlert bracelet is just a small part of that gift.

  5. Hi Lance,

    Thanks for sharing. In my opinion, the early stages of dementia/Alzheimer’s is very dangerous — when the patient goes “in & out” of using their full faculties. That is such an unpredictable phase for families and we must be prepared. I’m sure you were a big help to your Grandma & family back in high school, based on what a caring person you are today.

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