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  1. My husband recently lost his oldest sister to cancer and spent three days with family at her hospice. It was both a good and horrible experience. Good in that his sister decided to have a funeral party with her family and friends before she died. They sang, drank champagne, and celebrated life. Her cat was allowed to stay there for awhile, too. Horrible in that the hospice doctor seemed more interested in her swift demise with a shot that would place her in a coma until death.

    Overall, the care was good and some of the staff genuinely caring. They helped with paperwork and such quite well. Many in this hospice die alone, without family or friends. From what my husband said, I gather that at night you could cut the fear in air there with a knife.

    I’m so glad family made it in time to talk with her and that she did not die alone.

  2. Dear Lori,

    My deep condolences to you, your husband, and your entire family on the loss of his sister. Your comments makes my heart ache for you all. Thank you for your candid insight into yet another hospice experience. I think it says worlds about his sister’s character in that she had the strength to throw herself a funeral party.

    This gives me the chills: “From what my husband said, I gather that at night you could cut the fear in air there with a knife.” And this is so very sad: “Many in this hospice die alone, without family or friends.”

    Many hospice companies have volunteers that visit dying patients, but I don’t know that I could take on that role. Those volunteers are truly angels on earth.

  3. Terri

    My father chose to die at home with hospice. It has been a nightmare for me. I live two states away and thought I had made all arrangements – full time 24/7 care givers that I hired, funeral arrangements made, power of attorney, everything but I just found out that hospice doesn’t work on weekends or after 5 on weekdays. Unfortunately my dad has decided to die on a weekend. To get the hospice that he chose to send someone to help manage his pain I have had to threaten them! I have spent the last day that my dad will be here on earth arguing. They haven’t been a comfort – they have been my worst nightmare.

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