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  1. We do not have hospices here. The family is expected to provide all the care and even in hospitals, in terminal cases, they simply ask the family to take the patient home, unless they want to fleece them with putting the patients on ventilators etc.

  2. Hi Rummuser,

    Not everyone in the US utilizes “formal” hospice services. IMO, hospice’s goal for a patient (compassionate end-of-life care) may be achieved by the family at home, simply by following their instincts. Does your country have nurses that make home visits if a patient is terminal? Families could use some education and guidance if their family member is sent home from the hospital in these situations.

  3. OK, I’ve been corrected on my hospice myths now. Why are we all so uninformed?

  4. Thank you for clearing up some of the myths about hospice care. If ever there was a word in the english language that evokes fear, hospice would be it. However, knowing that hospice can be given at a board and care facility as well as in the paitents own home is really helpful. Deciding on putting an aging parent in hospice care is probably one of the most difficult to make. You have made it a little easier by presenting us with some of the facts. Once again, thank you.

  5. Dear Lori,

    We are uninformed and/or misinformed because Americans are afraid to face and talk about death and the dying process.

    Dear Bobby,

    Welcome to TLeC! I’m glad I was able to help clarify some of your questions. More hospice information coming soon, so check back here.

  6. Patricia

    These Articules are Excellent and So True. I have been a Hospice Nurse for 20 yrs. I have taken care of many people in their homes, with their loved ones to the end. Also in the Nursing Homes and Personal Care Homes. As a Volunteer and Bereavement Coordinator today, I have the pleasure in following the families for 13 months after death. I have been Blessed in taking care of loved ones. It is in giving of ourselves, that we recieve. God Bless.

  7. Dear Patricia,

    I consider hospice nurses and all hospice staff members as angels on earth. The work you do is unbelievable. Thank you for helping so many patients and families over the years!

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