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  1. I salute Gerri for her grit and spirit and you for bringing this wonderful lady to our attention. She inspires me as much as the other one I wrote about in http://rummuser.com/?p=7607
    Rummuser recently posted..The Hair Dryer.

  2. Dear Rummuser,

    Thank you vey much for sharing the wonderful story of this interesting man, his horse and their London Olympics’ qualification! I’ll be sure to look for them on TV this summer. And happy birthday to you, a month early. 🙂
    Linda Abbit recently posted..Geraldine Watson Parachutes for the First Time at Age 85

  3. Steve Rothman

    Great story. She’s quite a character.

  4. Nancy Tomlinson

    I was thrilled to see Mrs. Watson in this article. I hope that 2+ years later she is still checking off her bucket list items. I showed my mom to motivate her at age 80 to try something exciting. I think that Bob Watson Jr. and I talked about parachuting from a plane at one time in our lives many years ago when we were much younger and you are expected to take chances!! Cheers to you Mrs. Watson, I love you and will always have a special spot in my heart for you and Mr. Watson. xxoxo Nancy Tomlinson

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