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  1. Lori

    Journaling is healthy on so many levels. Writing this way isn’t really about words on paper so much as it is about healing or growing through self expression.

    Love the sentence starters!

  2. Thank you so much for writing such a wonderful review, Linda. It’s very empowering, very detailed, and very uplifting. I hope it urges all your readers to give journaling a try. Just this weekend, it’s opened my eyes again.

    Lori, you are exactly right when you say it is “about healing or growing through self expression.” I’m so glad you love the sentence starts.

    Thanks! You’ve made my day.


    B. Lynn Goodwin
    Author of You Want Me to Do What? Journaling for Caregivers

  3. Hi Lori,

    I hadn’t thought about journaling as a way to heal. Nice insight, and definitely so.

    Hi Lynn,

    Welcome to TLeC! I’m honored you stopped by, and I’m happy you’re pleased with my review. Thank you for the gift of journaling for everyone here who takes it up!

  4. No two ways about it. I shall start straight away. Makes eminent sense.

  5. Hi rummuser,

    Great — let me know how it goes!

  6. I’d love to know how it goes too. If you ever need sentence starts to begin your writing or you’re just curious about what others do, go to Writer Advice, http://www.writeradvice.com and click on Journaling for Caregivers. Thanks!

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