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  1. Hi Linda,

    It does go full circle, doesn’t it?

    These are all fantastic tips to help keep elderly people safe. If they are things that can be installed in their own home, it would probably prolong the time before they may have to enter an assisted living home (which must be extremely difficult for an older person)

  2. Thanks for checking in, Barbara.

    Transitions are definitely hard for older people, and especially if it means leaving their home of many years. It’s also hard on the adult children who may have to initiate the move, physically do the moving, set up a new place to live and then clean out their parents’ old residence. It’s a long and difficult process for all involved in most cases. I will probably write a separate post just on this topic! Thanks for the germ of the idea. 🙂

  3. Amy Lane

    Your tips are great but your use of the terms “Baby Proofing” and “Golden Oldies” is a little degrading. After working with seniors for over 8 years I can tell you that they would be offended by these terms. Yes we want to keep them safe but they deserve our respect, too.
    With respect,

  4. Dear Amy,

    Welcome to the TLeC community!

    I assure you this blog was created with the utmost compassion and respect for senior citizens. I’m sorry if you misunderstood my intentions.

    Hoping you’ll visit again and share your 8 years of experience in this field with us.


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