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  1. The biggest change for us has probably been not have Christmas celebrations with my wife’s family – at here parents house. About five years ago, they sold their house and moved into an apartment. This has meant it’s much harder to get everyone together at their place. Now, one of their kids will host Christmas. It seemed weird at first, although now it’s working fine.

    Linda, you still have done a very nice thing for your mother, as hard as it is to not be able to celebrate this new look with her right away. And, I love the positive spin you’ve put on Alzheimer’s and being able to see everything new each day! What a wonderful way to really see the Christmas season – as new each day! If we could all do this, how great that would be – to really experience each day as if it is indeed new!

  2. Hi Linda,

    You are such a wonderful daughter! Thanks for expressing the needs of aging parents so thoughtfully.

    We’ve never had many decorations or a tree in my married life, so a few artistic tree ornaments hung here and there around the house spruce things up a bit. My husband realized recently my mom just doesn’t get digital readouts, so he put a colorful new analog clock in her bedroom, and he installed a huge round thermometer out the kitchen window. For her recent birthday, we did get her a 10-inch digital frame that cycles hundreds of family photos that she loves, but she doesn’t get the on/off switch, so she unplugs it before bed. The combination thoughtfulness and a few new things seem to keep a smile on her face for the holidays.

  3. Dear Lance,

    Thank you for sharing your family’s story. Yes, I didn’t think of how down-sizing alone affects family celebrations and how we all have to adjust to that as well. And yes, I think many people could use a touch of “newness” to appreciate each day, not just at the holidays.

    Dear SpaceAgeSage — Lori,

    You are a wonderful daughter, too! Both you and your husband have a great intuitive sense about our Golden Oldies and their needs — keeping it simple for the holidays is probably good for your mom at this point! Also, how observant to realize that analog is better for her than digital (numbers wise). The digital picture frame story made me smile — she’s cute!

  4. Fay Benadretti

    Hi Linda,
    You did a great job there Linda! I am starting to see things through “new eyes” now that we are dealing with situations with our Aunt and my mom. I hadn’t thought about decorations!
    Love Fay

  5. Hi Fay,

    Welcome to the TLeC community! Glad I was able to help you think in a new direction. Hope your aunt and your mom will enjoy the holidays with you and your family!

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